What ingredients are in the TMS?
The Texture Manageability System is comprised of these active ingredients: nourishing shea butter, amino acids and olive oil. It has the pH of a lemon, meaning that its ingredients are similar to the natural balance of your hair and overall body.
What are amino acids are where are they found?
Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Out of the 22 essential amino acids, the human body naturally produces 13. Amino acids can be found in foods like chicken, beef, pork, fish, eggs soy and seaweed.
How do I get my curls back after using the Texture Manageability System?
Anytime during the six weeks of using the TMS, you can simply use a clarifying shampoo to rinse out the effects of the Inner-Active Conditioner and restore your natural texture. If you decide to maintain your straight look for the full duration of the six weeks, the product will naturally rinse out each week up to six weeks, and you'll notice that your natural texture is back around the sixth week. You can either keep your curls or re-use the TMS to get another six weeks of straightness.
What is my responsibility when using this product?
Please make sure to fully read the directions to determine what level of heat is best for your texture of hair. the TMS guide gives firm instructions on what temperatures work best for fine, wavy, curly or coarse textures. We also advise using the exact amount of product that the guide illustrates. Do not overly saturate your hair. Lastly, please review the details about using this product on color-treated and chemically-treated hair to ensure that the TMS is best for the current condition of your hair.
Exactly how is this product changing my textures?
The TMS works with your hair bonds. There are three: Moisture/Hydrogen (these are temporarily altered when you do something like shampoo your hair or allow it to get wet); Salt bonds (these are temporarily altered by heat, such as when you blow-dry or flat-iron your hair); Sulfide bonds (these are permanently changed when you color or relax your hair). The TMS' Inner-Active Conditioner uses heat to link our amino acids with your salt bonds to temporarily keep your hair straight for up to six weeks. We infused the system with natural oils and butters to help evenly distribute the heat, replenish hair moisture and seal the outer cuticle for added shine and protection.
How is it different from a relaxer or keratin treatment?
Relaxers and Keratin treatments permanently alter your texture, meaning that they change your sulfite bonds, which can cause damage, shedding and hair loss. The TMS only links with your hydrogen and salt bonds for temporary straightness that washes out like a conditioner.

Maintenance Tips

What happens if my curls don't come back instantly?
Please shampoo your hair at least twice and vigorously massage in a deep conditioner. Leave on your conditioner for at least 30 minutes. Not everyone's curls come back immediately, so you need to do a few things to encourage and re-cultivate your curl.
Why do I have film/residue on my hair even after I've gone through the entire process?
If you have a film on your hair after you've done the process, you may have used too much of the Inner-Active Leave-In Conditioner. Or, you may have combined another product with the Inner-Active Leave-In Conditioner, in which we advise against.
Why hasn't my hair reverted back after six weeks?
Heat can affect each person's curls in a different way. Depending on the health of your hair and the temperature of the flatiron, along with daily heat-styling maintenance, it could take your curls longer to revert. In this instance, we recommend doing intense weekly deep conditioning treatments with the use of a dryer or steamer.
Are there any tricks for making my hair revert faster?
To see your reverted curl sooner, try scrunching your hair while it's wet. This will encourage your natural curl to return.
I never straighten my hair, how can I get the best results using TMS?
You can always go to a stylist and have him/her use the system on your hair. Be sure to purchase our Anti-Reversion shampoo and Conditioner separately to help keep your hair straight.